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Empowering You
to make Better
Property Decisions
Making a real property decision is never an easy one.  The complexity and scale
make it one of the most important choices in life.  Along with considerations of price,
floor plan, neighborhood and schools, some fundamental questions are often
overlooked.  Is the house healthy?  What kind of repairs may be in order and how do
they impact the overall cost of the home?  The purchase price and perhaps even the
decision to purchase, may be affected by these factors.  Your Home Inspection will
Empower You to make a Better Property Decision.

Our full inspection services cover the following divisions in depth:
Site & grade conditions
Walk on roof & water shed system
Foundation & structure
Attached garage
Main & sub-electrical evaluation
Complete plumbing system
Furnace & A/C
Attic, insulation, venting
All interior rooms
10 point safety inspection
Pest infiltration and much more
Residential Inspections
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Certified Inspection Services
We encourage you to attend the inspection.  It’s an excellent opportunity for you to
familiarize yourself with the technical and maintenance features of your new
home.  The comprehensive inspection report is computer generated and
presented to you on site.  You’ll have all the  information you need at the
conclusion of your inspection.
The benefits of selecting Glendening Consulting
Errors & Omissions Insurance
FHA approved pest inspections
Home maintenance and repair cost guide
Lifetime consultation on report issues
Reports can be emailed to you or others involved in the transaction
Certified inspectors. Visit
Trusted by the most experienced and successful real estate agents
Knowledgeable professionals that are up to date on critical issues
Reports generated and presented on-site
Flexible scheduling
Questions encouraged
Competitive prices
Liability insurance
Non-alarmist explanations
Full review of report contents on-site.  Page-by-page Q&A
Your satisfaction 100% guaranteed
We’ll help make your decision a little easier.
For the modest investment, the value is
significant. The information you need now for
peace of mind later.
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10 most commons
property issues.
As requested, we are now offering the Premier Home Inspection Package that
covers everything that a full inspection covers and includes
radon gas analysis,
and FHA pest inspection.  All for
$449 up to 4,000 square feet.